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+977-9761262261 info@dolmalatrek.com Govt.Regd. No.112322/69/070

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Nepal welcomes everyone with open arms and lovely hearts. A small land but filled with the wonders of beauty, our country, Nepal, is famous for its natural beauty. Not only this, but the mountain ranges are also the main reason for the vast popularity of Nepal. In this country, tourism is one of the main sources of income. Tourism has gained attention in Nepal more and more throughout the years. People also visit the holy land for pilgrimage purposes and to experience the diversity and richness in culture, history, and religion we have in Nepal, known for its natural beauty. Nepal is also a multicultural, multilingual, and multireligious country. There are 142 different castes residing in Nepal; hence, Nepal is rich in both natural and cultural beauty with a rich history. There is unity in diversity in Nepal because of peace and mutual love between Nepalese. In conclusion, Nepal is a beautiful country with rich culture and history where people are warm-hearted and welcome you with open arms.


Adventure Dolmala Trek and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. is a well-established travel agency that has been operating since 2070 BS. (2013 AD). We offer trekking, touring, and peak climbing to enthusiastic tourists. A variety of popular destinations are provided by us, be it solo, small group, large group, or a family trip. We mainly focus on trips inside Nepal, but Tibet is an exception. Itineraries according to the customer’s destination, food, lodging, and transportation are covered by us the moment you step into the land of Nepal.

We believe that a trip is not only a journey to reach your destination but also an experience in your life that you engrave in your heart. To make this experience unforgettable, we treat our tourists as respectable friends whom we love from the bottom of our hearts, making this trip a success and enjoying making those precious memories together.

To make your trip not only successful but also enjoyable, we have an experienced team for different purposes established by a veteran guide. This company provides you with lively people who are vastly experienced in their specific field. The moment you step foot in Nepal, we are responsible for your well-being and the success of your trip. For this, we have the best people supporting your backs as you encounter the various situations that you may encounter during your trip.

During these years, we have experienced fall, gain, and rise with our whole team together. This has helped us provide better service to our consumers and improve ourselves over time. We are truly grateful to all our foreign friends who came as tourists but returned as our dear friends.

This company is established to ensure the success of one’s trip with the hope that they return to their hometown with a sense of fulfillment and no regret. We sincerely welcome you to Nepal, and it is our promise to you that this trip will be worthwhile.


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