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Name;  Tabir Bahadur Thapa Magar

Address;  Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone; +977 9768386402

Email; tabirmagar2@gmail.com

Mr. Tabir Bahadur is a highly experienced guide with 25 years in the tourism industry. Starting as a porter, he entered the wide tourism industry, lifting a minimum of 50 kilograms of luggage every year because of the exploitation of employees by the companies. Finally, after five years, he was assigned as a guide and sometimes a cook if needed. At first, he started this job because of a lack of money, but it finally became his passion. Before starting his own business, he worked as a guide in many agencies, accumulating various good and bad experiences facing many types of situations along with his good Nepali and foreign friends. He has been to many places in Nepal, China (mainly Tibet), and India. One of his most memorable trips was with Babu Chiring and Satguru’s group. After starting his own company in 2020 B.S., he has been leading the trips to success alongside the trusted friends he made throughout his whole life. By overseeing and assigning trustworthy staff, leading the trip, and solving various problems, he has kept the company alive. His passion for the tourism industry is truly admirable. Although the visitors started as strangers, at last the visitors returned as his lovely friends. Thus, he also invites you to your next destination with us.

His motto is “experiences gained throughout the journey to reach the destination are more important than the destination itself.”.


Tabir Thapa Magar

Chief Executive Officer


25 years in the tourism field and active in present

Trekking Guide

Chief Executive of Adventure Dolmala Trek & Exp.


Trekking gide100%
Team Leading100%
Trip Management100%
Manpower management100%

Contact Info

Phone : +977 9768386402
Email : tabirmagar2@gmail.com

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